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Artcool Stylist

Standard air conditioning units of old were plain white and cream boxes on the walls which decor was designed around, LG have introduced the ArtCool range of systems which integrate themselves into the room.

The LG ArtCool Panel systems use the same workings as the LG Libero systems, only with a more desirable facia panel and a lower noise level coming from the unit.  The black mirror finish on the front panel is a sleek and stylish addition to any home or office.  The LG ArtCool Stylist systems are a sure way to impress anyone coming to your home or office, hiding a highly efficient air conditioning unit behind what is effectively a picture frame.

The  whole range of LG ArtCool Stylist systems can be found below.  All of them come with LG's Plasma filter as standard, eliminating airbourne bacteria and other dangerous particles.  Alongside this all of these systems come with LG's 3 year warranty as standard when installed by a qualified and registered F-Gas Engineer, making these the safest bet for your home in more way than one.  

  • High Efficiency Unit
  • Optimised Cooling and Heating
  • LG Inverter Technology
  • Built in Plasma Filters
  • Noise levels from as low as 22Db
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Stylish Facia Panel
  • Call For Details About Using Multiple Indoor Units With A Single Outdoor

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